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The project involves the promotion of emerging artists.


+359 Gallery International Resident Program

Gallery +359 is located in the building of a preserved water tower in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was designed in 1903 by the German engineer Franz Salbach, and the structure was finished in 1929. 27 meters tall, it was built at the highest point of the Lozenets district in Sofia (610.40 m), based on a French system for construction of water towers with reinforced concrete and brick masonry. The tower’s tank, now hosting various video and audio projects, has a volume of 100 cubic meters.

ONE MONTH LEFT to Submit Entry for Toyama International Glass Exhibition 2021

【Final Call for Entries to Toyama International Glass Exhibition 2021】

Dear Sir or Madam,


Thank you very much for your continued support of the Toyama International Glass Exhibition.

One month left applications will close at Our Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 11:59pm JST.


So there's still time to apply for an award for you .our mission is to support breakthroughs of creative expression in glass.

Your work could be among those included in the 2021 Exhibition.

(Applications Close: Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 11:59pm JST)

Changing Spaces


DEADLINE: 25th of January 2021

ASTRO is an online community concerned with migration and migratory experiences.

Changing Spaces is an open call with a dual meaning. ASTRO is looking for work that reflects on the change that comes with migratory journeys, but also the change that has fallen upon the world & public spaces during this pandemic.

For more info check

Montemero Art Residency 2021 – An Interdisciplinary Ecological Hub for Arts

Montemero Art Residency is an organization dedicated to sustainable ecology and alternative art production. We believe that the experience of living and creating in a different context has to be facilitated through collaboration and exchange. Thus, we opened our facilities to artists for them to network and collaborate with professionals from other fields. 

The Program

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