I am Heartstar and I run Cotton Candy Reviews, where I review kpop albums. I am here to announce my new up to $270 contest, where you redesign my model and/or banners. Please follow the instructions on the application link. You can use VROID or Live 2D to make my model. Watch this video for more info on how to enter. https://youtu.be/7-xSSRWUg6Q

Through the Lens: Community

Photography Exhibit in Westfield NJ as part of the 2021 Westfield Public Arts Commission - titled "Through the Lens: Community"

Art wanted for online Literary Magazines

The Knight's Library is a bi-annual magazine that focuses on connecting different communities of people through the sharing of art, literature, and personal stories from budding cities around the country.

The Knight's Library also produces small publications through the year including First Pub(or first publication) series, Black Writers(and artists) series, WAP Anthology(stories and art about sex and sex workers), and others.

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