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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

LIVE WORKS - Free School of Performance

Curated by Barbara Boninsegna /artistic director and founder of Centrale Fies

Simone Frangi / researcher, critic and curator


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We are about to launch the 9th edition of LIVE WORKS, the Centrale Fies Free School of Performance dedicated to the practical and theoretical study of the boundaries of the performing arts. 


Centrale Fies launches the 9th edition of LIVE WORKS, the platform created in 2013, in collaboration with Viafarini Milano, dedicated to contemporary performance practices and to the deepening and expansion of the notion of performance. For this ninth year a part of the curatorial board of Centrale Fies, Simone Frangi and Barbara Boninsegna, has decided to further rethink the opportunities, boundaries and format of the open call, also in response to this long year of readjustment for an entire artistic/productive system. 


In line with the future possibilities of mobility and physical coexistence, the selected artists will find in the 9th edition of Live Works a space/time tailored to their needs, care and attention dedicated to research and production actions, as well as in the free school, which from the 2020 edition is present in the Centrale Fies all year round, conjugated with theoretical and convivial moments, seminars and meetings with international operators and the public. 


Starting from this year the OPEN CALL will select 6 projects that will have available:

an annual fellowship of € 3,000.00; participation in the Kick Off Seminar at the Live Works Summit 2021 on 11-12-13-14 June, at Centrale Fies; an individual residence of 15 days at Centrale Fies; a residency (optional) in an international structure, partner of Centrale Fies; a collective residence together with all the projects selected in the following summer with presentation of the performances during the Live Works Summit 2022.

Like every year LIVE WORKS is structured in several periods of artistic and creative residence offered to the selected projects , considering the performance as a "work space", as a tool and cultural exercise. The specificity of the project consists in a particular attention to hybrid research, with the intention of underlining the "openness" and fluidity of the performative act, its social and political implication and its public intelligibility. 


Centrale Fies bears the costs of administrative management, transport, board and lodging for the two periods of residence at the centre of production and artistic residences in Trentino. 

The budget of € 3,000.00 will be paid according to the methods communicated after the selection and guaranteed even if the program changes form for reasons related to the health emergency. The performances produced will be presented in the summer of 2022 at Centrale Fies, during the second edition of Live Works Summit 2022. On this occasion, the projects will be displayed and evaluated by a board of international professionals from festivals, institutions, production and residence programs and events that support and produce research in the performance field. 

Every evening, dedicated to the presentation of the selected projects, will be accompanied by a curated program of guest artists.


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