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  • London
    This event is part of the series 'Spatial Practices and the Urban Commons'. Book tickets Ecologies with Fernando Garcia-Dory and Platon Issaias and Godofredo Pereira Saturday, 21, May, 3 until 6pm To think ecologically is not so much a matter of protecting existing ecologies, but more importantly...
  • London
    Restaurant Drawings Historic and Contemporary On the 7th of June 2016 artist Lucinda Rogers will showcase her most important restaurant and food drawings, many commissioned by Britain’s leading newspapers and magazines between 1993 and 2016. The iconic drawings will be hung on the walls of London’s...
  • Call for Entries
    798 ICAF is China’s biggest children’s art festival, held annually and based in the world-renowned 798 Art District in Beijing. This year we’re expanding in a big way, with festivals planned in several cities across China, as well as launching our online arts platform for kids to engage with and...
  • News
    "A lot of people dream in black and white, well, personally I don’t, my dreams are bright, fuzzy and obviously in color!” Says photographer Gaspar Marquez, when speaking about the inspiration for his latest photography exhibition, Bodyscapes, presented by The Espejo Organization for the Arts at...
  • News
    “Have you ever had a feeling that you remembered a dream until you really thought about and realized you had forgotten it all?” asks Aline Maggy Decat when discussing her latest collection of drawings and mix media pieces titled Cerberus, presented by the Espejo Organization for the arts at the...


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